The following guide covers the creation of the seed based wallet used by Bitcoin Confidential QT based client.

This guide assumes you have already downloaded the Bitcoin Confidential QT wallet client from the


official sources at

1) If you want to create wallet by a seed phrase:

Step 1:   Install and open the Bitcoin Confidential wallet. Go to “File” > “HD Wallet”.

Step 2:  Click on the “Create” tab, then click on the “Generate” button, this will generate a seed phrase, please write this down and keep in a secure place.

Step 3:  Go to “Import” tab, enter your seed phrase and click "Import".

2) If you want to import an existing seed:

Step 1:  install the Bitcoin Confidential wallet. When the wallet loads, close it and select "Properties" of your .exe file. Add to command line -createdefaultmasterkey=0 (after .exe) and click "OK".

Step 2:  Now you can open your wallet and import your seed phrase. After that you need to remove this command line.

Please note: when you import seed phrase from backup and don't see your old funds, please create the spending address and go to Help==> debug windows ==> console tab run this command rescanblockchain