The following guide covers importing of SmartCash Private Key’s into Bitcoin Confidential QT

Wallet client.

This guide assumes, that the user understands the rules outlaid for the SmartCash/Bitcoin Confidential

air-drop as per

Step 1  Open Bitcoin Confidential QT wallet client, then click on "help" then "debug window"

This will open the Console ready to enter in the appropriate commands for importation of private keys.


Step 2  Enter into the console the following command "importprivkey privatekeystring" then hit enter

importprivkey VcXtDXrbt8yLJCwCPi8G7BK71m2hasKpseGZBjLugmxyyQDdPNM (Example only)

The wallet will process the SmartCash private key, if there are any airdrop funds they will be available

from the new Bitcoin Confidential address generated, the privatekey of the new address will be displayed in the console output. 

Note  all private keys are confidential and should be trated securely.

Optional step:  If you have wallet dump file from SmartCash wallet (you can do it with this command dumpwallet "C:\Users\dump.txt"), you can import all your private keys into Bitcoin Confidential wallet with this command: importwallet "C:\Users\dump.txt" 

C:\Users\dump.txt - example of the location of your file.

This ends the Bitcoin Confidential Private Key Import guide